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The Belfast Political tours allows you to see the REAL Belfast. Learning all about the troubles in Belfast, what it was like to live through, What happened during the troubles and what it’s like now since the peace process, All drivers have lived through the troubles driving the streets for aliving and can give a primary account like no other.

Travelling to the most historically important and interesting sites, with Belfast Attractions, covering all sides of the conflict personally guided with all questions answered by outgoing friendly guides.
We want to show you some ‘grafitti’ that tells so many stories, The famous murals both Loyalist and Republican expressing the feelings of a era of conflict and vision of the time. The Peace Wall is the World’s longest. Why not add your own message of peace and goodwill during the tour? Belfast’s mural’s depict life and the views of both Falls Road and Shankill Road residents, tours start from £50 pounds for two people then £20 per extra person, Each black taxi can hold a total of 6 for each tour, We have over 40 Black Taxis to cater for groups of up to 240 at one time, We also have 7-8 Seater People Carriers, For all bookings fill in your details on the booking page and pay on the day of your tour.



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